Translate (.$)

If you would like to translate a mentioned taxonomy option of an information when it is being printed on a document, simply refer to it using .$ instead of ..

Example: Simple

To print "CITY, COUNTRY" of an entity in the request language on a document a calculated information with the following RuLa expression is created:

e is Entity + ", " + e.$country

The first part,, prints the city of the entity as usual. The second part, e.$country, though references the country in a way that the name of the country is translated into the requested language when the document is created. So when a user requests the document in german, this would print e.g. Berlin, Deutschland, when requested in English Berlin, Germany.

Example: Creating an Address

The following expression would put a printable address into a calculated information:

p is Person
        p.postal_code + ' ' +,

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