The value of my calculated field has a strange format

You have made a calculated information field and it appears in the Case Manager or on a document. However, the value it displays does not look the way you expected it to. E.g. You would like the field to show as ‘Category B - Elevated Risk’ but instead it shows ‘category_b’.

Use ‘$’ to translate a value

When trying to access an information value from a dropdown list or a taxonomy Atfinity will provide you the key of the value. Using the dollar sign ‘$’ in front of the information reference will translate the key to the correct value format

For example: The value of the information ‘risk_classification’ should be accessed. Possible values are listed in a taxonomy that looks like this:

Writing only cr.risk_classification in your calculated information would give you the value key ‘category_b’.

Using ‘$’ and writing cr.$risk_classification will however translate the key and return the desired ‘Category B - Elevated Risk’.

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