Date Operators

Date operators allow you to handle information concerning time. You can use them to set or calculate a moment in time, determine the number of days in between two dates or format how a date should be displayed.

ISO8601 Format

ISO8601 is the international standard format for date or a date and time (wikipedia). The values are ordered from the largest unit of time to the smallest: year, month, day, hour, minute and second.


A date is given as YYYY-MM-DD, for example 2016-02-29 (the founding date of Atfinity AG).

Time and Date

If you need a date with a time, the format would be YYYY-MM-DDThh-mm-ss, so a date and a time separated by a T. For example1999-06-25T09:52:08.

Using ISO8601

If dates are given to Atfinity as text, they always need to be in ISO8601 format. If a function in Atfinity returns a date, it will always be in ISO8601 format. If you want to return anything from Atfinity in a different format you can use FORMAT_DATE to format the output to your liking.

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