Why is my Proof never asked for?

When moving through the Case Manager, you expect a proof to be asked for but it never is.

Here are some possibilities on how to solve the problem.

Put Live

Changes you have made during your configuration only take effect once you have put them live. Therefore, make sure you have put your changes live. For more information, see Putting Changes Live.

Add the proof to the process

Maybe your proof is not part of any process. Check if it has been added to the process you want to use.

Go to the process overview screen and open the process you would like the proof to be part of.

Select your proof in the ‘Proofs’ tab and put your changes live.

Recheck the proof’s condition

Make certain that the proof’s condition is written correctly in terms of logic. It is sometimes helpful to write a condition stepwise when dealing with a very large and complex condition. Start small by writing only the first part of your condition. Put live and check if the proof appears in the case manager. If it did, keep adding parts to the condition and verify again. Once it disappears from the case, you know that the last piece you have added to your condition might be the problem.

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