Case Errors


If, during the evaluation of a case, the processing of rules hits a roadblock, Case Errors gives you an exact overview of where things went wrong.

This helps to quickly solve the issue in atfinity's configuration, or refer the exact error to an administrator.


Case Errors shows you directly in which case something went wrong, what and when happened, and give you a description of the reason for the error. The screen could look like this:




Date when the error occurred.


The number of the case in which atfinity has found the error.


A description of what went wrong.


Common errors are typos in a condition, missing information that's required for an action to be executed, or trying to perform an impossible action on pieces of information, for example subtracting two pieces of information type string.

p is Person
p.domicile + 1

Trying to add '1' to a person's domicile is impossible. If this is written in a condition, the error will appear in Case Errors.

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