Deploying on-site

Enterprise customers have the option to run the Atfinity application in their own infrastructure. This guide explains how to do this and what the necessary requirements are.

General Architecture

Atfinity is a client-server single page web application. This means atfinity broadly consists of a web server, serving a web frontend, and an API backend, with which the browser running this frontend communicates. If you are running Atfinity headless, you will mostly communicate with our API, which is part of the backend.

You have two general deployment options:

CDN and Security Tools (e.g. CloudFlare)

atfinity is able to handle a wide range of CDN and security tools in front of its components. Note, however, that atfinity works best if content is not cached, as almost no transferred data stays valid for more than a minute. We therefore recommend to disable all caches and only use security, not performance, tools of your infrastructure tooling in combination with atfinity.

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