In Atfinity, documents are the place where information can be collected. They are the central part of a process.

Every document has a condition. If the condition is true the document will be part of a case and with it all the information that is on the document.

Documents come in three types:

  • PDF Document: An existing form is uploaded as PDF onto the application, then Atfinity is told what information is shown at which position of the PDF. If the PDF is downloaded during a case, every known information value will be printed on the document at the defined position.

  • Smart Document: Atfinity will automatically create a PDF document, based on the selected template. Known information values will be printed in linear fashion onto the template. The more information values are known, the longer the document will be.

  • Group Document: This type lets you select and group already existing documents as a single document.


In order to communicate with individuals of a contract via email the bank requires special authorisation. It usually hands out a form to clients to fill in their name and email address and sign it.

This form could be uploaded as PDF Document and the fields for the information first name, last name and email address placed at the foreseen positions on the form.

The email waiver only needs to be filled out if the client wishes to be contacted by the bank via email. The condition of the document would therefore look something like this:

c is Contract

c.communication_via_email = true

That way the document only becomes part of the case if the 'Communication via Email' field is set to 'yes'.

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