A workflow is a series of steps a case can go through, before a final outcome of the process is determined. It appears as a horizontal bar at the very top of a case overview in the Case Manager.

Examples of paths a case can take when going through a workflow are:

  • Draft > Ready for Review > In Review > Ready to Sign > Signed > Approve

  • Draft > Ready for Review > In Review > Decline

The options to precisely configure a workflow are manifold and divided over the two elements that define and change the position of a case in a workflow:

  • State and

  • Transition


The state of a case is its position in the workflow. It is defined by what actions are allowed to be performed by whom while a case is in that state. For example: Editing information is allowed, but uploading documents is only allowed for the case owner.


Transitions describe how a case moves from one state to another in a workflow. They are the connections between the states. Furthermore, you can set who is authorized to trigger a transition.

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