Management commands

atfinity supports a list of management commands to make administrating your installation easier.

They are executed via ./ COMMAND.



createtenant [-t TENANT_TITLE] [-s TENANT_SUBDOMAIN]

Create a new tenant

createuser -u USER_EMAIL -p PASSWORD -t TENANT_ID [--meta_admin]

Create a new user within the given tenant or (if user exists) reset password

createtenantanduser [-u USER_EMAIL] [-p PASSWORD] [-t TENANT_TITLE] [-s TENANT_SUBDOMAIN]

Create a new tenant with an attached meta admin user

changepassword USER_EMAIL

Reset a user's password (will ask for a new password)


List all tenants of the system


List all users of all tenants in the system

zip_import -i PATH

Clear the current database and import a .zip with data and files

zip_export -o PATH

Export all current data and files to a .zip


Clear the current database

delete_tenant TENANT_ID1 [TENANT_ID2 ... TENANT_IDN]

Delete the tenants with the given ids.