Information about the case itself

From RuLa, you can access certain information about the case itself. For this, within applicable rules, you have access to the constant CASE like to any other instance. On this instance, the following information is available:




The case number in the user readable format, e.g. CSE-1991.


The outcome instance this case operates on. For a case creating a new contract this is often ContractualRelationship.


The key of the current state the case is in, e.g. draft.


Current number of tasks within the case.


Current number of issues within the case.


The last time the case was updates, e.g. 2021-03-12 11:58:08.644664.


The owner of the case (the email in rules and the fullname and email when printed)


The user (if any) who approved the case (the email in rules and the fullname and email when printed)

Example with number of issues or tasks

CASE.number_of_issues = 0 and CASE.number_of_tasks = 0

This rule will only be fulfilled when there are no issues or tasks within a case.

Example with case state

CASE.state = 'draft'

This rule would only be fulfilled while the case is in the state with the key '"draft".

Please note that if you are using this to create an issue or comment, it would be, as any other issue, comment or warning, removed when the case leaves that state (unless a user replied to it or was assigned to it).