AVG takes all the values you provide in between a set of brackets, each separated by a comma, and gives you their average.
AVG can also return the average of values that are produced by another function.


p is Person
AVG(p.base_fee, p.transaction_fee, p.report_fee)
This expression calculates the average of the base fee, the transaction fee, and the report fee regarding a person in a case.
instances(AccountHolder), personal_income
This expression works in a couple of steps to bring you the result:
  • AVG( .... ) is the overarching function, of which you want the result. In between its brackets sits another function.
  • get_properties_from_instances(.......) is the function inside the AVG brackets, which goes and fetches the property of the instances you specify.
  • instances(AccountHolder, personal_income) returns the personal income of all the accountholders.
  • These three combined, give you the average of the personal incomes for all the account holders in the case.
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