With SOME, you evaluate if any value in the list is true.

Simple Examples

SOME([true, true, false])

This evaluates to true, since one of the values in the list is true.

Example with properties

        instances(Person), 'is_onboarded'

In this example, we go over all the people in the current case and retrieve their value 'is_onboarded'. If any of these values are true, the whole expression is true. Thus, this evaluates to true if anybody in the case has already been onboarded.

How to check of other things than true

To check if there is anything else in the list, just first use a map to change the elements in the list to what you want to check for:

SOME(MAP(['high', 'high', 'medium'], CURRENT = 'high'))

This checks if any element in the list is "high".

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