Why is a question not asked?

You expect an information to be asked in the Case Manager, but it never is. This issue can have several causes. Where is the information used?

Here are some suggestions on how the problem could be solved.

Problem 1: Are your changes live?

Changes you have made during your configuration only take effect once you have put them live. Therefore, make sure you have put your changes live. For more information, see Putting Changes Live.

Problem 2: Is your information on any document?

After having created a new information it needs to be added to a document in order for the question to be asked. To check whether an information is used anywhere you can open it and go to the ‘References’ tab which shows you the places it is used. The number behind the tab shows how often the information is used. This number needs to be above zero for the information to appear in any case.

If the information does not have any references, add it to a document. For more information on how to do that, see How to add and configure Boxes.

Problem 3: Is the respective document part of used process?

Although your information is part of a document, it will not be asked for if the document is not part of a process.

To add the respective document to a process, go to the process overview screen and open the process where you want your question to be asked.

In the ‘Documents’ tab, select your document. Put your changes live and see if your question is asked now.

Problem 4: Is your document condition met?

If the condition of the document your information is on is wrong, the document might never be used in a case. Recheck the document’s condition for logic mistakes.

If you are dealing with a very large and complex condition, it is sometimes helpful to build it little by little. Start by writing only a small part of your condition. Put live and check if your question is asked now. If so, keep adding parts to the condition, always checking if the question is still asked. This way you can isolate the flaw of the condition and correct it.

Problem 5: Check the Document Sections

Maybe your information is under the control of a Document Section. An easy way to find out is by opening your information in the information overview screen and navigate to the ‘References’ tab.

In the list of references, see if you find any document sections. If so, this means that your information will only be asked if the section’s condition is evaluated to be true. In the Case Manager, make sure that all the necessary information is available in order for this condition to be met and see if your question is asked now.

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