Release Notes

Version 11.0.0

  • Introducing our new Process Designer:
    • The layout of the case manager for a certain process can now directly be design within that process. For this, you can just add all the potential information you want to as in a process and then arrange them into tabs and categories.
    • As they are no longer needed with this, we have also removed information categories and tabs in the navigation.
  • Introducing ADX:
    • The Atfinity Document XML is a new type of documents you can use in your configurations. As the name suggests, ADX documents are described in an XML like format and support Jinja2 templating to fill them up with information from a case. The flexible XML syntax to describe a PDF and the power of Jinja2 make this an ideal option of a Smart Document is not enough.
  • Proofs are now available within rules. With the expression p.proofs or p.proofs_by_key you can access all the proofs associated with the instance p. Adding such a reference to a box on a document prints the proof on the document.
  • In addition to pre-defined booklets, users can now also select documents and proofs to combine into a custom booklet and download as a pdf.
  • Our avaloq integration can now also push data and documents to an SFTP Server. This also supports encryption with GnuPG.
  • Documents can now be marked as hidden or disabled:
    • Hidden documents will not appear in process, but will still cause the process to ask for all the information mentioned in the document.
    • Disabled documents are fully ignored. They are a convenient way to ignore the document without deleting it.
  • The display name is now shown in in Ontology -> Information and Role -> Information overviews.
  • Added support for italic and bold italic fonts in generated pdfs (for all document types).
  • Section that have no fields will now trigger a warning in the configuration area.
  • Newly created rules are now automatically added to the currently active process.
  • In configuration -> Information the values to show and values to disable now show both key and value.
  • Added a "piggybank" icon to use for ontologies.
  • Information of type "unit" has the unit set to read only if there is only one option.
  • By default, new processes now are shown on the dashboard.
  • Bugfixes
    • Clicking on the comments tab in the case manager does not open the "All" subtab.
    • When uploading a booklet documents from other booklets appear as not matches.
    • Uploaded booklet results display icons of different sizes.

Version 10.3.3 (stable)

  • Added a description to the login page to avoid being marked as a phishing website

Version 10.3.2

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the field "Can be editable" for document boxes to be not exported or imported

Version 10.3.1

  • Also ask questions for fields in sections that evaluate to UNKNOWN when creating an editable booklet
  • Fixed a bug that prevented APIs from retrieving booklets

Version 10.3

  • Added the User Access Log where admins can view security relevant actions of users (e.g. login, change of password, downloading booklets, ...)
  • Calculated boxes are also turned into editable fields when downloading a booklet as editable
  • Single documents can also be downloaded as editable
  • Configuration errors are now also displayed in the overviews and on the item that caused the error
  • The configuration search now has an option to search for the full word only
  • Actions that take long on the login screen will now display a progress indicator
  • The dashboard greeting is now a standard translatable field like e.g. display name
  • Fields with translations now display an icon. Clicking that icon displays all the already provided translations.
  • New API endpoint (cases/{case_id}/booklet) for downloading any unsigned booklet by id
  • Bugfixes
    • Using f_ in the cases/ api endpoint is not working
    • The from: header for send emails is not correctly taken from the integration configuration
    • The order of documents in group documents is not always according to the defined document order