Release Notes

Version 12.1 (🚀 upcoming)

In addition to what is mentioned here, we have been busy working on an end user wizard and an integration marketplace that we are planning gut add to 12.2.

  • We worked on speeding up our rule processing significantly. We optimized the way our parsers worked could make processing rules up to 90% faster than it has been. This means that putting live, calculating changes and running the rule engine with a cold cache (after putting live) should feel noticeably faster.

  • New field type: File With this new type you can ask users to provide answers by uploading a file. This is especially handy for workflows that resemble ticket systems.

  • Reordering in tables has been re-engineered and should now behave smoother

  • When working with ADX documents, so far, you had to put live all changes to see the rendered document. We added a quick "ADX Preview" that gives you an idea how your current ADX will be rendered.

  • days_spend_in_state in RuLa allows to get the days that a case has been in a certain state. It has options to discard weekend, holidays, non-working hours and if days should mean workdays (e.g. 8 hours) or natural days (24 hours)

  • Armenian is now a supported language of our case manager

  • The sorting options for instances in the case manager have been amended with "newest / oldest first, ontology then role"

Version 12.0 (đŸĒ¨ stable)

  • New field type: Instance relationship Whenever you need to explicitly define the relationships between instances, you can do that now with this new field type. This works very well for situations like parent - children, company - employee or power of attorney - account.

  • New case manager languages: French, Serbian and Spanish

  • Extended support for writing systems: Arabic, Chinese (traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Thai, Armenian, Japanese, Korean and Hindi

  • New field type: Rich Text Field

  • Inline comments

  • New overview type: Document Overviews Use this to configure Form Libraries so relationship managers can still download single, unfilled documents if they ever need one.

  • New process layout item: Text When designing your case layout you can now also place text items in between the fields. Give users more context and let them know how to fill out case information the best!

  • Improved dashboard with graphs and more numbers

  • Fully configurable instance view layouts, so you can choose which fields to see per overview for People, Entities and Contracts.

  • Preview any generated or provided document in the case manager.

  • We improved the performance of our rule engine and the case manager.

  • For every provided document, upload an appendix with more information.

  • Errors and Warnings generated by RuLa can now reference fields, so it's easier for users to see what the error is about.

  • Subscribe to a case watchlist whenever you want to receive updates whenever a case is changed.

  • Time zone support: Users can use their preferred time zone and date and time information is then displayed in their time zone.

  • Instances in a case can now be sorted by configurable orders (e.g. by date and time of creation or by name)

  • Provide a rule for when a tab is read-only.

  • Provide a rule for when information is read-only.

  • Query missing fields per tab directly in RuLa, with CASE.missing_information_per_tab and CASE.number_of_missing_information_per_tab.

  • Query state durations in RuLa with CASE.states_history.

  • Query available users, roles and groups in RuLa

  • We made RuLa even more powerful with these new operators: **, //, date_equal, datetime_equal, get_translated_attr, matches (=~), months_ago, name_and_log, replace_chars, sqrt, translate_string

  • Booklet Upload dialog improvements:

    • We now display which pages are missing

    • Documents with missing pages can now also be force attached

    • Option to attach all documents

  • Added a general document upload endpoint to our API. Documents uploaded will be automatically attached to the right case, so API-users do not have to decide which case a document is for.

  • Support for Chinese, Japanese and Arabic characters on Atfinity-generated PDFs.

  • Remove uploaded case files

  • Option to not offer users a way to change the name of a case

  • Removed frames from editable PDFs

  • Configuration views can now also diplay when objects where created and updated

  • Tenants with active users cannot anymore be accidentally deleted

  • Added a way to remove the dashboard completely

  • When making an API call, the relevant case field will now update automatically.

  • Added blacklist and search profile to our ComplyAdvantage integration

  • Added CASE.owner_groups

  • Upload Individual Documents accepts outdated outdated documents by default

  • Unknown information in calculated boxes is not detected and creates configuration inconsistency errors

  • Per processes, configurators can disallow users to edit the case name themselves

  • If we prompt a user to login, she is redirected after login to the original destination

API Changes

The response to Retrieve Case, Create Case, Create Case With Predefined Objects, Change Field (instance and information_key), Change Field (case_field_key), Change multiple fields, Change Case Owner and Transition Case has changed to reflect the new features and the removal of the old parent-child relationship:

  • fields added

    • case_version, watchers

    • documents[i]

      • required_fields,

      • provided_fields,

      • missing_fields,

      • uuid,

      • appendix_uuid

    • comments[i]:

      • text_or_quill

    • fields[i]:

      • quill_value

  • fields removed from data.instances[i]:

    • from instances[i]

      • children,

      • has_potential_children,

      • parents,

      • has_potential_parents

The response for Retrieve Instance, Change Instance Owner, Lock / Unlock Instance and Force Update Instance Values has a new field tabs added.

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