Information Types


Information comes in a number of different types – formats in which a value can be entered into a field.

By selecting the information type for a field, you prevent a letter being an acceptable answer in the field 'Phone number', or you make sure that only a valid date can be entered in the field 'Date of Birth'.


Below is a brief description for each information type.




Information of the boolean type only accepts Yes or No as an answer. It's very simple, yet very powerful, as there is no nuance possible whatsoever.

Text (single line)

This information type is suited when the answer should be text and is expected to be short. This information type also allows to use Regular Expressions. Atfinity accepts regular expressions in the JavaScript flavour as described on Regular expressions (or RegEx) allow Atfinity to recognise valid answers, based on their structure. Example email address: If an input does not look like an email address it is not accepted.

Text (multiple lines)

Choose this type when the text information is expected to be longer than a single name or word.

Number (integer)

A number without decimal.

Number (decimal)

A number with decimal.

Number (with unit)

A number with measurement unit. Example: Amount with currency

List (single answer)

This information type accepts a single choice from a given list of answers, like a taxonomy.

List (multiple answers)

This information type accepts multiple choices from a given list of answers, like a taxonomy.


‌This information type accepts a valid date.

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