Summary and Next Steps

We have reached the end of the getting started guide. Well done! Together we have created a simple process that allows us to start a new case of an account opening where we collect the personal information of a person. Let's briefly repeat and summarise the essential steps we have done and which steps could be done in further, more advanced steps.


We have looked at the concepts of what ontologies and roles are. The necessary ontologies for our process were 'Contract', which has an 'Account Holder' role, and 'Person', which can take the 'Account Holder' role on a contract.

The next thing we did was creating the required information for each ontology. That included the 'Account Type' information for the 'Contract' as well as 'First Name', 'Last Name' and 'Date of birth' for 'Person'. During that step we have also got to know that information can be of different types.

After creating a document we put our information on it and defined in a condition that this document should only become part of a case if there is a person who's supposed to be on the contract.

We also made a rule that ensures a person whenever a contract will be about opening an 'Individual Account'.

Finally we needed to bring everything together in one place. For that reason we created a process and added the rule and the document containing all the information to it.

After putting the changes live we were able to start a new cases where we can select and fill in information. That way we could test that the case behaves in a way we want it to.

Next steps

Although the process we made is fully functional, it is also very minimal. With a couple of additional steps the process can be improved a lot, both visually as well as functionally.

  • Structure the appearance of a process with additional tabs and Categories. Every category concerning the account belongs in the 'Account' tab, information about persons involved goes in the 'Parties' tab.

  • Add document sections to further structure information on a document. This way it can be controlled under what condition a specific (group of) information should be asked for.

  • Add proofs to the process.

  • Create a more advanced workflow with additional states and transition rules.

  • Display a role matrix in the 'Parties' tab to have an overview of people involved in the case and their roles.

  • Create taxonomy for answer options from an information of type list. That way the answer options can be used by another information of type list if suitable.

  • Create additional roles on the contract if required, e.g. 'Beneficial Owner' or 'Power of Attorney'.

  • Create more rules to help guiding processes. E.g. if an account holder is underage, a rule should ensure a person who takes the role 'Power of Attorney'.

  • Add more documents to a process if required, e.g. a form for opening a joint account.

  • Give every ontology an icon to show in the navigation bar.

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