Every time you start a process in Atfinity, you create a new case.

There are two types of cases:

  1. Creation: the outcome of the case is, when approved, the creation of a new instance.

  2. Lifecycle: the case, if concluded successfully, modifies an existing instance.

During the case, Atfinity asks to provide information which is part of the process, either because it's on a document or needed in a rule. The information provided by the user forms the instances of ontologies.



During a case, Atfinity asks for information like account type and signing place, as well as first and last name of the account holder. Providing this information leads to two instances: An account opening contract and a person who's the account holder.


A client of a bank has moved to another country, so his/her personal information need to be updated. That's the purpose of a lifecycle process. After a lifecycle case is completed, there won't be a new instance of a person or a contract. The contract and the person stay the same, however the person's information like address and domicile have changed.

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