A constant is a name with a value assigned to it. This constant can then be used everywhere within Atfinity instead of the value itself. This makes it very easy to quickly adapt values in a configuration if required.


A bank calculates a risk score for every new client they onboard. Several expressions in Atfinity, like conditions of rules and transitions or formulas of calculated information, check whether the risk score is above or below a certain threshold. The value of this threshold is a perfect candidate for a constant.


On the left side of the assignment operator := is the definition of the constant, on the right side the value of the constant.

THRESHOLD can then be used in expressions instead of the hard coded value 7 , for example in the following condition:

p is Person

If the bank ever decides to adapt their risk scoring procedure and wants to change the threshold, one only needs to change the value of the constant instead of changing the value in every condition.

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