The <field> tag is very handy if you want to display content that looks like a field on a document. Each field needs to define a title. This is displayed according to the type chosen in type.
When a document is rendered "editable" fields also automatically display as editable content in the PDF viewer.
It can only be used within a <body>.


<field title="The title of this field" type="line_above">
The value of the field



The title of the field

type (optional)

The main styling option of the field. Available types are line_below, line_right, line_above, bow_below and box_right. If nothing is specified the box_below type is used.

editable (optional)

This overwrites the automatic behaviour to display a field as editable. If you set editable="false" the field can never be edited. If you set it to editable="true" the field can always be edited, even when rendered in a normal PDF.
Last modified 9mo ago