Why is my Rule not executed?

You have written a Rule that should be executed and lead to a result, for example an email being sent out to a user, a value being assigned to an information or a comment that should be created. However, the expected result never occurs.

In the following you find possible solutions.

Put Live

Changes you have made during your configuration only take effect once you have put them live. Therefore, make sure you have put your changes live. For more information, see Putting Changes Live.

Add the rule to the process

A newly created rule is only useful if it is part of a process. Make sure you have added it to the process you want to use.

Go to the process overview screen and open the process you would like the rule to have an effect on.

Add it to the process by clicking on the ‘Rules’ tab and then select the newly created rule.

And as always, don’t forget to Put Live in order for your changes to be applied.

Recheck the rule’s condition

Double check that the rule’s condition is written correctly and that the condition can and will be matched. If you are dealing with a very large and complex condition, it is sometimes helpful to build it little by little. Start by writing only a small part of your condition. Put live and check if your rule is executed now. If it works, keep adding parts to the condition, always checking if the rule is still working. This way you can isolate the flaw and correct it.

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