What is atfinity?
atfinity brings the power of artificial intelligence to your processes. It allows you to quickly digitize even your most complex processes in an efficient way, without the need to know or use code.
atfinity guides cases from start to finish, assuring all necessary information is collected, all regulatory demands are met, and no opportunities are overlooked.

What makes atfinity unique?

1. No code

You don't need to know any coding. Rather, atfinity gives you the tools to configure the software as such, that it works in the exact way you need it to. Instead of hard coding, you simply configure processes, which is easy and quick.
2. A results-based approach
Start with what you already have: the documents, client contracts, internal checklists, etcetera, that are part of existing processes you will digitize with atfinity. Configuring a process in atfinity means you define the situations in which any of these existing materials need to be filled out.

Case Manager and Configuration Tool

atfinity consists of two parts:
  • the Case Manager, where users run processes, create and manage cases, fill out documents and forms with the necessary information, upload proofs, and submit cases for review and approval on a daily basis.
  • the Configuration Tool. This is where you create your processes. Using the intuitive interface means you can do all this without coding.
Once a process has been configured in the Configuration Tool, atfinity will guide users through it in an intuitive way, using a next-best-question approach in the Case Manager. This means the software will ask for all the relevant required information, while leaving out unnecessary questions.
This is what makes atfinity dynamic. While running a process, it adjusts the flow of each case, based on the information it receives, and on the rules and conditions you set for processes, documents, and even individual sections and fields on forms.
This ensures an optimal run for each case, from data collection to document selection, from approval workflows to digital signatures. It makes working with atfinity faster, cheaper, more flexible, and simpler, compared to paper and existing specialized software and systems.
Because no code is required, changes to processes are easy to make and quick to implement. This makes adapting to new opportunities, regulations, or other changing circumstances fast and efficient.
Follow each link for rich documentation on every aspect of the tool, allowing you to utilize atfinity's dynamic intelligence at its optimum.
Last modified 3mo ago