Atfinity: No-Code Process Orchestration

Atfinity is a No-Code platform to describe and automate your business processes in a fast and efficient way. Many of our clients use this to automate KYC, KYB, client onboarding or lifecycle processes. However, Atfinity's no-code approach is very powerful and can be uses to automate and orchestrate virtually any business process you can imagine. We have clients using Atfinity daily for client lifecycle processes like change of circumstances, employee onboardings, vendor reviews and loan origination processes to name a few.
To get started, it's good to understand that Atfinity gives you two powerful tools:
  1. 1.
    In our configuration tool, you describe the process you would like users to follow, e.g. a client onboarding.
  2. 2.
    Our case manager uses our AI-inspired rule engine and leads users go through your defined process and asks them to provide necessary information.
Since you are reading this documentation, you are probably interested in how to configure Atfinity in the Configuration Tool.
If you are new to Atfinity, we suggest you start by reading our Getting Started guide.

Case Manager

The Atfinity Case Manager is where users run processes, create and manage cases, fill out documents and forms with the necessary information, upload proofs, and submit cases for review and approval on a daily basis.
The Case Manager is where a user starts processes, and creates and modifies cases, by providing all the information required to reach the desired outcome - for example, the successful onboarding contract for a new client.

Configuration Tool

The Configuration Tool is where you create and define your processes. This documentation about how you do that.

Atfinity API

In addition, if you are a developer, you can also use our extensive API to integrate Atfinity into your existing landscape or even build your own frontend that lead users through a process by harnessing the power of our rule engine.
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