Release Notes

Version 9.2.4 (preview)

    Add an option to not use the proxy in a data source
    Add format_date operator

Version 9.2.3

    The boxes of the active section are now highlighted in the document page editor
    Multiple sections of a document can now be shown in detail at the same time
    Multiple sections of a document can now be deleted with one click

Version 9.2.2

    Added the option to disable SSL / TLS certificate validation for a single data source
    Added a way to see the total full text search results
    Fixed a bug preventing languages of a document from being deleted successfully
    Fixed a bug causing editing anything in a document section to open / close that section
    Fixed a bug causing validation errors when using self within is all declarations

Version 9.2.1

    Full text search through configuration: When you hit CTRL + K anywhere in atfinity or click the search icon, you can now perform a full text search through the configuration
    Added sending the ontology in question to external data sources
    Added a multi-document action to update the font size of the boxes inside the selected documents
    Added the operator format: It allows using placeholders in strings and replacing them with provided values.

Version 9.2.0

    Transition Rules: Transitions allow a condition to be entered. Only when this condition is true the transition button is enabled
    Require Roles Rules: Added "Require Roles" type of rule which makes selected roles required and displayed in a case when the condition is true.
    Added support for where clause in methods instances and instances_exist
    Added the operator has_attr: It checks wether an instance has a certain attribute or not
    Access the outcome instance directly via the always available constant OUTCOME_INSTANCE
    Display when a change has happened in the Changes view
    Email text and templates now include the placeholder CASE_ID, which is the human-readable ID of the current case, e.g. CSE-1234
    A validation error is raised when an assignment action contains the same assignment multiple times

Version 9.1.19 (stable)

    Fixed a bug causing is_all to always make a document or rule match
    Added ensured_by and the information id to the "All Values" debug view in the case manager
    Email text and templates now include the placeholder CASE_LINK that holds a public link (if applicable) to the current case
    Fixed a bug causing empty conditions to match to any instance in the case
    Fixed a bug preventing group documents from matching in booklet uploads

Version 9.1.18

    Fixed a bug preventing the ordering of the active box to be updated when changing the order of that box in the box list
    Empty main language translations will not be exported to json anymore

Version 9.1.17

    Fixed a bug that prevented changing some notification settings

Version 9.1.16

    Display a notification with user-readable ID after creating a configuration item, e.g. Document
    Added support for using the instance list of a is all declaration within join_of_any
    Fixed a bug that prevented reloading the list overview after the last item was removed from the last page
    Fixed a bug that prevented having the same group document for different instances in a case
    Optimized performance of the draft pipeline

Version 9.1.15

    Added a meta information tab to tabs and categories
    Fixed a bug that prevented the selected boxes in the page editor to not be in sync with the list on the left when using the escape key
    Fixed a bug that prevented selecting further boxes with shift-click in some situations
    Fixed a bug that caused an empty list of possible actions to be sometimes shown in the detail view of a rule
    Fixed a bug that caused rule action translations to sometimes disappear when information about the rule itself is updated
    Fixed a bug that prevented CASE.process_name to be displayed correctly
    Fixed a bug that caused the page to jump to 1 when starting to reorder

Version 9.1.14

Version 9.1.13

    Display tenant_id also in the overview section when using the management command caseoverview
    Make sure error messages from the rule engine include a reference to the rule if possible

Version 9.1.12

    Fixed a bug which prevented exporting configurations with SVG document boxes
    Fixed a bug which caused incorrect reference errors for imported document boxes

Version 9.1.11

    Fixed a bug causing the ordering of copied documents to be wrong
    Updated the xsd schema for avaloq xml exports. This allows you to provide MiFID II and legal person
    Added more options on how to process the avaloq import result. Some money account key information (for CHF, EUR and USD accounts) and the created avaloq person ID can now also be mapped back to the case.
    Added the contains only operator that checks if all the elements of a list are elements of another list

Version 9.1.10

    Reverted using bulk_update when reordering items. On some servers this did not work as expected for some tables and made reordering items impossible.
    Added more options on how to process the avaloq import result. Some money account IBAN information (for CHF, EUR and USD accounts) can now also be mapped back to the case.
    Started to throttle sending emails more aggressively
    Added option to notify owner and initiator only about final transitions
    Added option to configure notifications per process
    Fixed a bug preventing some pdfs from correctly rendering in very rare situations

Version 9.1.9

    Add management command make_order_consecutive to make order of configuration tables consecutive
    Added an experimental version of import and export for configuration and translations

Version 9.1.8

    Allow adapting the roles in assignments like INSTANCE.roles := NEW_ROLES
    Improve the error handling and message when using the avaloq xml export
    Added syntax and schema validation for the avaloq xml jinja2 template

Version 9.1.7

    Added sending the responsible user to the data source when making requests

Version 9.1.6

    Fixed a bug displaying keys in the dashboard sometimes when caches are cold
    Fixed a bug cause reference errors for actually existing references to be shown in some situations
    Escape LDAP names before returning them to the server.
    Changed the transition notification message to mention the state that the case was transitioned to, not the transition applied

Version 9.1.5

    Added the option to configure api containers to use Kerberos authentication. This option needs additional configuration of your infrastructure, so please get in touch with us if you would like to use Kerberos.
    Fixed a bug preventing Spanish translations from being correctly applied in the api

Version 9.1.4

    Increased security of application
    Fixed an issue preventing zip_import to work for databases using ssl
    Fixed a bug causing is known and is unknown operators from not evaluating complex expressions

Version 9.1.3

    Started displaying the current version on api container startup
    Fixed a bug adding bottom offset to rendered pdf fields

Version 9.1.2

    Fixed a bug causing QR and HR Codes to be drawn slightly off.
    Fixed a bug about a missing translations in the case managers proofs table.
    Fixed a bug preventing the document -> "Set Human-Readable Code Position and Font Size" action from succeeding sometimes.

Version 9.1.1

    Fixed a bug making bubbles look odd sometimes.

Version 9.1.0

    Support for user defined functions: Many clients requested a way to not type certain configuration constructs multiple times. With RuLa functions we provide an answer: You can now define your own functions that execute arbitrary expressions. This can save you from a lot of typing.
User defined functions in atfinity
    Groups and Roles from LDAP: LDAP support got more flexible by making a separate query to find out what groups and roles a users should have. Clients using LDAP requested this feature.
    Improved working with strings, dates and lists in RuLa with more operators: sort, reverse, left, right and days.
    The current version of the configuration is now included when retrieving cases
    Added a new view Administration -> Settings for some tenant specific settings that only administrators should be allowed to change.
    Added a way to provide a badge in Administration -> Settings. When provided, this displays a badge below the square logo in the case manager.
Displaying a badge below the square logo
    Fixed a bug showing a warning a document is unused when it is only used in a group document
    Fixed a bug preventing unique constraint validation errors to be shown in all web frontends

Version 9.0.13

    Added .$ operator support for information displayed in instance overviews
    Fixed not displaying any content when navigating to "Comments" in the case manager
    Added a management command caseoverview to get an overview of all the cases in the system

Version 9.0.12

    Added filters yes_or_no and yes_or_none for avaloq integration Jinja templates

Version 9.0.11

    Fixed a bug preventing document that are both inside and outside a group document from being matched individually, too
    Added a display of what is contained inside a group document
    Restrictions about multiple users working on the same case have been lifted. While this can, in very limited situations, result in the loss of some modifications, this behaviour is closer to how clients would like to use the case manager.
    Fixed a bug that prevented creation rules from sometimes creating the specified amount of instances.
    Deprecations: When using the api, sending an "If-Match" header with a correct etag is no longer required. This was necessary to ensure the multi-user limitations, which have been removed. Consult the api documentation for further information.

Version 9.0.10

    Fixed a bug preventing admins to see all tabs in the case manager
    Fixed a bug preventing the Document Detail View from rendering sometimes

Version 9.0.9

    Added selection to the list of documents with the following actions:
      Set the color tag of all selected documents
      Update the QR Code of all selected documents
      Update the QR Text of all selected documents
      Delete the selected documents
    Added displaying the references of a document
    Added an option to fade out the page to draw on in the Document Page Editor
    When duplicating items (e.g. documents or processes) only one change is displayed in the changes view
    Rewrote ordering, fixing multiple bugs and making ordering items more intuitive
    Fixed a bug preventing the document detail view from displaying the correct document sometimes
    Maintenance: Multiple deprecated tables and models have been removed

Version 9.0.8

    Added support for translating .$ operator values also when displayed in the case manager.
    Fixed a bug preventing "Create missing values" from being saved in the configuration sometimes.
    Fixed a bug which prevented downloading "Not in Booklet" documents in different languages.
    Fixed a bug preventing display of cases and tasks in Dashboard after login.
    Added a way to change the order of a box to an arbitrary value
    Fixed a bug preventing min and max in is all to sometimes prevent matching
    Fixed a bug preventing group documents from being copied correctly
    When copying items, a link to the copied item is displayed in the notification

Version 9.0.7

    Added a trim operator, to remove whitespace at beginning and end of text.
    Added min and max to the is all declaration.
    Added a view to display all case values for configurators in the case manager
    Added a deprecation warning for "is optional" declarations

Version 9.0.6

    Fixed a bug preventing user password from being reset correctly
    The order of "is all" matches is now guaranteed to be the same between runs
    HR Codes are now rendered left aligned in the pdfs. This is in sync with how the human readable code is displayed on the document page view.
    Fixed a bug preventing "not ROLE" from being respected sometimes
    Improved the api error message when trying to update values of an instance not part of the case
    Made the whole header of a collapsible box clickable and thus toggle opening / closing the box

Version 9.0.5

    Group Documents are added as a new type of document. A group document "groups" a list of documents together and makes them behave in the case manager as a single document. This can be very handy for e.g. splitting up a complicated document into parts without changing the user experience.
    Deprecations: Systems with databases older than 15. January 2021 (still on version 8.2 or older) are not supported to be migrated to the latest version anymore. To our knowledge, no customers are affected. If you have an old database and need support, please contact us.

Version 9.0.4

    Fixed a bug preventing certain documents from rendering sometimes
    Fixed a bug preventing users from editing document templates numbers for e.g. the QR code sometimes.

Version 9.0.3

    When changing the ordering of a list of models, only one change will be displayed in "Changes"
    Added a list of the existing cases for a processes that cannot be deleted in the inconsistency message
    Added an option to delete all tenant case data (cases and instances), which can be very handy while configuring the software (Admin > Tenants > Delete Data)
    Improved the global progress bar to more accurately reflect the current loading state
    Improved the confirmation message when deleting on item. The message includes now more information about the item to delete.
    Fixed a bug that prevents section from being evaluated correctly sometimes
    Fixed a bug that prevented information in calculated boxes from being added to references sometimes.

Version 9.0.2

    Added the option to access PROCESS_KEY and PROCESS_NAME from CASE
    Fixed a bug displaying stale values in generated documents sometimes

Version 9.0.1

    Fixed a bug preventing the list of countries in the digital form creation dialog from being sorted correctly by user language
    Fixed a bug displaying duplicated references to a document sometimes
    Increased the performance of the draft pipeline that calculates changes and inconsistencies

Version 9

    Export case data to avaloq: We added support to export any case to the avaloq digital_account.xml format. This requires extra configuration, so get in touch with your atfinity configuration team if you would like to use this feature. Please also note that the avaloq xml format offers a somewhat limited synchronization experience. Many atfinity features are still unsupported.
Quickly export supported case data in the avaloq xml format.
    Document Page Editor:
      Clear the current selection with ESC
      Add boxes to the current selection by pressing SHIFT while clicking
      Options to zoom directly to certain magnifications, e.g. 50% or 400%
    Meta information in configuration: When you open a configuration item (like e.g. a document or an information) you can now get meta information like when it was created or who has last updated the item.
    Added translation support for date values via .$ operator
    Added a way to configure documents, proofs and rules to not trigger any questions by setting "Create missing values" to "No".
    Further speeded up case loading
    Added more CASE information to use: owner_name, approver_name, initiator andinitiator_name
    Improved the tooltip when hovering over an instance name or icon
Improved instance tooltip

Version 8.7.7

Version 8.7.6

    Add preferred_language_key as option when creating a case via API

Version 8.7.5

    Fixed a bug marking some conditions with CASE wrongly as syntactically wrong

Version 8.7.4

    Made the error message more clear when the email service is unreachable
    Added a feature to test the provided email configuration
    Added the JOIN_OF_ANY operator

Version 8.7.3

    Increased security further after latest penetration test results
    Added printing the description in the table of contents of a booklet

Version 8.7.2

    Reworked the permissions associated with seeing and changing owners. The newly available permissions are:
      See Case Roles: Permission to see who is the owner and initiator of a case
      Set Case Owner to Group User: Permission to set the owner of a case to users of the current users group
      Set Case Owner to Any User: Permission to set the owner of a case to any users
      See Instance Roles: Permission to see who is the owner and initiator of an instance
      Set Instance Owner to Group User: Permission to set the owner of an instance to users of the current users group
      Set Instance Owner to Any User: Permission to set the owner of an instance to any users

Version 8.7.1

    Added displaying the outcome ontology in the configuration roles overview. Also added a warning if the outcome ontology has not been set directly there.
    Added showing when a case was last modified in the attached cases tab of an instance.
    Fixed a bug displaying a link to a role as a link to an ontology in the changed view.
    Fixes a bug preventing information references to super ontologies from being resolved correctly sometimes.

Version 8.7

    Linking Instances from external data sources: atfinity now makes it possible to connect it directly to external Person, Entity, Portfolio, Car or any other instance data sources and copy values from such a source. This can be very handy if you already have an existing CRM system and would like to sometimes let users copy data from these systems.
    When creating new users, it is now optional to provide user initials. If they are not provided, the first letter of the first name and the first letter of the last name form the initials.
External Data Sources can be added in the administration area

Version 8.6.18

    Added a document template option to choose the font size of the human-readable code field
    Made importing .zip files nicer:
      Adapted the ./ script to copy the given .zip file the import folder for increased convenience
      While importing a progress report is constantly given.
    Fixed a bug sometimes preventing "Ensure Instances" rule actions from creating instances when they are first triggered.

Version 8.6.17

    Every time you put a batch of changes live we now count up the configuration version number. This number is displayed below the software version in the user settings popup
    Added a management command display_version to display the current version of the software and configuration
    Made the error message when a part of the infrastructure is down more explicit
The version of the current live configuration is displayed directly below the software version in the user settings popup.

Version 8.6.16

    Fixed a bug preventing the zip_import command from importing all files sometimes
    Added translation support in get_properties

Version 8.6.15

    Fixed a bug preventing "Merge on Creation" to be respected always

Version 8.6.14

    Separated the draft pipeline and general celery workers to make sure you can always quickly put live or revert changes
    Added an "Select All" button to the document detail boxes tab

Version 8.6.13

    Fixed a bug preventing correct printing of checkboxes on documents
    Fixed a bug that prevented changing QR code text font size
    Added document box reference to the list of un-placed boxes
    Removed format restrictions for keys of User Roles and Groups

Version 8.6.12

    Fixed a bug that prevented using only CASE values in Api Rule condition
    Added inline editing of document boxes in Boxes tab

Version 8.6.11

    Extended logging for requests that use proxies

Version 8.6.10

    Fixed a bug preventing display of pages for documents with more than 9 pages.
    Fixed a bug preventing usage of specified template for Table of Contents.

Version 8.6.9

    Fixed a bug that was taking into account user status in atfinity even for users managed by LDAP.

Version 8.6.8

    Fixed a bug that was preventing deleting "SMS from number" field.

Version 8.6.7

    Document Templates now also allow to configure the position of both the QR code and the human readable code.
    Categories allow you to provide an explanation that will be displayed below the category name in the case manager
    Added an "Unselect All" button to the document detail boxes tab

Version 8.6.6

    Fixed a bug allowing invalid relative dates (e.g. not before or not after) to be able to be saves as information options
    We now display an error if you provide a non-existent CURL_CA_BUNDLE file to the api.
    Changed the way case objects are updated to prevent potential deadlocks

Version 8.6.5

    Fixed a bug preventing single pdfs to be downloaded sometimes

Version 8.6.4

    When opening the content of a collapsible box (e.g. a section in the sections list) the now visible content it scrolled into view
    Made the RuLa "+" operator more versatile: Now, if either the first or the second argument is a string, we will concatenate the strings instead of calculating the sum.
    Fixed a bug that caused displaying process buttons to users without sufficient access rights

Version 8.6.3

    Opening a deep link (e.g. to a case) when not logged in, will now redirect to the deep link after login

Version 8.6.2

    Added autocompletion to RuLa Editors
    Fixed a bug preventing text fields from being printed correctly

Version 8.6.1

    Improved the error message when trying to view an invalid instance
    Fixed a bug preventing a freshly uploaded document pdf from displaying all pages
    Made case error messages more specific when document generation fails

Version 8.6

    Massively improved document editor: Based on usage patterns of our document editor, we reworked the interface and made common actions easier. In addition, we added ways to specify additional graphical elements in documents, such as boxes, lines and additional logic such as combined and calculated fields.
    Color tags everywhere: For you to better organise your configuration, we added color tags to all configuration objects.
    Task deadlines: Added the ability to add deadlines to tasks. When a deadline is approaching, the assigned user is reminded once per day about the task.
    Decimal- and unitfields display decimal point and thousands separator while editing the number.
    Case Deletion: Added the ability for users with the permission "Delete Cases" or admins to delete cases in the user interface.
    Place custom SVG on documents: If you need to add more graphical elements (e.g. a logo, a white box or a dummy signature) to a document, you can do that now by placing a custom SVG on a document page in the configuration.
    Fixed a bug preventing an instance from being deleted when its last case is deleted.
    Fixed a bug preventing processes from being copied correctly.

Version 8.5.6

    Fixed an issue preventing comments from being displayed sometimes

Version 8.5.5

    Improved the way errors for field updates via API are returned. If multiple fields are updated, the given key of the field is now mentioned in the error.

Version 8.5.4

    Added option to translate taxonomy values from rule engine calculations when creating documents. To translate a value, refer to the information with a leading $, e.g. p.$country will translate the name of the country into the document language when creating the pdf.
    Fixed a bug preventing choosing values with enter in the configuration area
    Fixed a bug preventing case lists being sorted by id
    Added two new quickfilters to the case list: Cases created in the last 7 days and Cases created in the last 24 hours.

Version 8.5.3

    Changed "Groups" and "Roles" in User Detail to a list with checkboxes, making it much quicker to change all groups / roles.

Version 8.5.2

    Fixed a bug preventing the rule engine from removing no longer necessary instances

Version 8.5.1

    Made it possible to remove owners from certain ontologies
    Lifecycle cases can now also change the owner of an instance
    Added "Test LDAP Connection"

Version 8.5

    Pulling data from your APIs: Pull data from your external APIs into atfinity cases. Allows defining input and output fields for each request and to configure rules to make requests in cases.
    Active Directory / LDAP integration (Available on Request): connect your existing users to atfinity using any LDAP server. You can finely configure how access rights should be copied from information in your directory.
    Notification for Approval/Rejection of a Case: specify email addresses which will be notified about final case transition, e.g. approval or rejection of any case.
    More Detailed Case Log: Case log now shows both old and new value of the case field that is changed.
    We added CASE.owner and CASE.approver to rule processing and document generation.

Version 8.4.20

    Lowered the font size in table of contents and smart documents
    Fixed a bug causing rule engine created comments assigned to users from being deleted
    Fixed a bug causing optional fields being counted in the filled / total fields display in case -> documents

Version 8.4.19

    We now allow you to configure the rule engine timeout and maximum iterations via the environment variables RULE_ENGINE_MAX_ITERATIONS and RULE_ENGINE_TIMEOUT.
    If the rule evaluation fails, an error message is shown but the case data is still returned. This allows users to potentially correct the situation preventing the rule engine from evaluating your rules correctly.
    Bugfix: Removed an incorrectly logged error when creation rule counts evaluate to UNKNOWN

Version 8.4.17

    Fixed the management script for ZIP_IMPORT and ZIP_EXPORT.

Version 8.4.16

    Added an overview for all references to information for faster debugging
    Reordering elements has been improved: You can now move an element easily between pages
    Added Swisscom and Twilio SMS gateway support

Version 8.4.15

    Helvetica is added as a new font option. We use Nimbus Sans L as the actual font file.
    Checkboxes now appear as "x" on printed documents

Version 8.4.14

    Bugfix: Fixed a bug preventing celery tasks from returning errors to the frontend (e.g. when downloading a booklet)
    Bugfix: Fixed a bug preventing combined error messages (e.g. when updating multiple case fields) from being reported correctly

Version 8.4.13

    Added information about processes in case responses (e.g. via API) and webhook triggers
    Bugfix: Using invalid placeholders in email templates will not prevent email sending anymore
    Bugfix: Uploaded Document History will now also show uploaded proofs.

Version 8.4

    Rule Language Additions:
      Use is all in a declaration to match multiple instances, e.g. match all people in a case like p1, p2, is all Person.
      Use not in a declaration to make sure a match does not have a certain role, e.g. match a person that is not the account holder with p is Person, not AccountHolder.
      Declarations can contain where as a way to already specify further conditions on the instance in the matching phase, e.g. p is Person where p.domicile = de will only match people that have their domicile in Germany.
    Faster Instance Views: Both the list and the detail views of ontology instances received performance improvements
    Customisable Printed QR Code Size
    Smaller Font for Human-Readable Codes on Documents
    Four Digit User Initials
    Admin Customisable SMS Service: moved sms service specification into Admin > Integrations
    Link Expiration: added the possibility to configure when after how many hours digital form tool links expire (default: 72 hours)
    Cleanup Old Tasks: Added a management command removeoldtasks to delete celery tasks and their attachments older than a week.

Version 8.3

    Knowing why a question is asked: If you hover over the name of an information in a case, you can see which rules required this information. This can be very helpful for debugging configurations.
    Testing WorldCheck Connections: We added a button to test the WorldCheck connection parameters directly in the settings.
    Disable username/password auth for sending emails: Some smtp servers in local networks don't need username/password authentication. You can now disabling sending username/password to such servers.
    Delete Case Errors: The list of reported case evaluation errors can now be purged.
    More quick filters: We added many more quick filters in the configuration area, e.g. you can now filter information by type.
    Proxy support and debugging information
    Rule language additions:
This question for INF-2164 is a asked because DOC-34 and INF-2165 requested it
Necessary Migrations
We heavily simplified and extended our deployment guides. If you installed atfinity on-site adaptions may be necessary. It is recommended to check the latest guide for any differences to your current setup.

Version 8.2

    API for Integration: Integrating atfinity with other systems is now easier with our case management API. You can create cases, change fields, upload and download documents, and much more. Consult our API Documentation for details.
    HTML Emails: Emails from atfinity can now be styled to adhere to your corporate identity
    IDnow and Intrum Integration: Verify the identity of a person and digitally sign documents using the identity within atfinity using IDnow or Intrum.
    World-Check Integration: Check if a person has any hits on Refinitiv World-Check, one of the standard tools for Know-Your-Client (KYC) checks of any industry. atfinity uses the Zero-Footprint API, meaning even industries with the highest standards in privacy and security can use this integration.
    Case activity and error log: Any activity and possible errors on a case can now be viewed directly in the context of the case.
    Rule language additions:
      SOME and ALL for lists. They check if some or all elements in a list are “true”.
      CASE.outcome_instance to get a reference to the outcome instance.
      FIRST_ELEMENT retrieves the first element of a list (if any).
    Multiple actions per rule: We enhanced our rule interface by giving you the option to add as many actions as you like. For example, you can both ensure a person exists and assign values with the same rule.
    PDF/A Support: Generated documents now adhere to the strict PDF/A-2b standard.
Case activity and error logs

Version 8.1

Main Features
    Comments. You can now have complete conversations about a case directly on the case by adding comments. Comments can also be assigned, making them a replacement for tasks.
    Case Errors: If rule processing fails for any reason in a case, you will see the produced error message in the case errors log in the configuration area.
    New Rule language features
      Role Choices let you specify if a match should contain not a specific role, but contain one of the given role choices. E.g. p is Person, Husband or Wife or LifePartner
      New *_OF_ANY operators: In cases where you don't want to have SUM, AVG, MAX or MIN mark information as necessary, you can use their new flexible counterparts SUM_OF_ANY, AVG_OF_ANY, MAX_OF_ANY and MIN_OF_ANY
      SNEAKY: Expressions within sneaky will not mark information as necessary. This can be very handy for complex KYC calculations. This is the more general version of an *_OF_ANY operator.
      New SUM_PRODUCT operator: Like its excel counterpart, SUM_PRODUCT takes two lists: A list of values and a list of coefficients. It adds the values after they have been multiplied by the coefficient with the same index.
      IF is a new expression operator. If the if-condition is met, the then expression, otherwise the else expression.
      SWITCH is similar to case, but is better suited for simple cases.
      get_attr allows you to get an attribute specified by an expression (e.g CONCAT('first', 'name')) from an instance. If that attribute does not exist, a default value can be returnes
      Rule comments: Leave comments in rules for other rule designers or your convenience.
      self: Inside calculated information instead of a single declaration you can now use self to refer to the instance the information is attached to.
      MAP lets you transform a list of values into another list. This is very handy when processing user given lists like nationalities or sources_of_income.
New comment feature within cases

Version 8.0

Main Features

    Rule language
      We introduced COUNT to return the number of elements in a list, so e.g. COUNT(("a", "b")) returns 2. As an example, you can use this to check if a person has more than one nationality, by saying COUNT(p.nationalities) > 1.
      Ontology and Roles directly in rules: These two are treated like any other enum or multi_enum information, so just type e.g. p.ontology = 'Person' or p.role contains 'Husband'
      We introduced the instances method, which returns a list of case instances that match certain criteria. You can use instances(Person, Husband) , for example, to get all people that are husbands. Usually, this should be combined with COUNT, so COUNT(instances(Person, Husband)) returns the number of people that are husbands.
      We also introduce get_properties_from_instances, to be used in combination with instances. So e.g. get_properties(instances(Person, Husband), first_name) gives you all the first_names of all husbands.
    Outcome ontologies. Each process now has a defined outcome ontology. This means processes can result in the creation of any ontology you whish: a client contract as before, an expense request, a prospect for your CRM, ...
    More Customization
      Change the colors on the login screen, the app background color, the menu color and the background colors for missing fields.
      Change the fonts used when generating booklets and the background for the table of contents.
      Adapt the filenames for exported lists and booklets.
    You find these options under Appearance and Settings.
    Strong Performance. We have increased performance of almost all components significantly.
    Configuration Tests. Make sure your configuration behaves as expected by providing configuration unit tests. These tests can be executed before each put live, making sure you don't accidentally break your use case.
    Modern User Interface. We overhauled the interface of the case manager with modern, easy to use and easy to read input components.

Other Features

    Subdomain tenants: When using atfinity on a domain wildcard (e.g. * we load configurations for the entered subdomain, e.g. can now load the bank's logo by default.
    PLA-4401: Hide unnecessary fields. We added a setting to hide unnecessary fields instead of displaying them greyed out.
    PLA-4402: Localized date formats. We added document date formats that print the month in the document language, e.g. August.
    User Date Format: We made the date format a separate setting from the language. So you can use atfinity in English, but use a German date format.
    PLA-4396: The IDs of the case and the outcome ontology are prominently shown in the case manager.
    PLA-4395: The ID of information will now be shown as a tooltip when hovering over the field name.
    PLA-4406: Per information certain taxonomy options can be hidden or disabled.
    PLA-4407: Per information the column position can be fixed to either left or right.
    PLA-4407: Information can be configured to always span two columns.
    PLA-4431: Text information can have an approximate maximum number of lines configured.
    Fonts used in generated PDFs, like the booklet, are now configurable.
    Text-Fields in the Case Manager now have a configurable default length.
    Where possible, your browser will now spellcheck the content of longer text fields.
    The case number of the last case modification can now be printed on documents.


    PLA-4350: We fixed a bug preventing enum values to be correctly sorted by the current locale.

Deprecations and necessary migrations

    Important: The way QR-Codes are generated has been changed. This means booklets downloaded with atfinity 7 can be uploaded, but not matched with atfinity 8.
    Important: We removed the automatic creation of "Creation Process Rules": Before, you provided a document with condition ontologies and all ontologies. If the condition was true, the "missing" ontologies were created. So if you had an individual account that needed a person as the account holder, a person with that role was automatically created. Now, if you would want the same behavior, you have to manually create a "Creation Process Rule". To do this, follow these steps:
      Before you migrate, note down in which documents such automatic rules were created. This was the case everywhere condition ontologies and all ontologies were not equal.
      Migrate to the latest version.
      For every difference, create a process rule of type "creation". Put the original document condition into the condition of that process rule. As the creation, add the difference between condition ontologies and all ontologies. Example: The condition was "C is Contract" and all ontologies where "C is Contract; P is Person". The creation rule should have a condition "C is Contract" and a creation rule "P is Person".
    All process rule types now create missing information. This means that issues and warning rules will now also create missing information. In most cases, this should feel very natural. If a person below 18 years is not allowed, the case manager should ask for the birth date to check this. However, if you relied on no missing information being created, you should adapt or delete these issue and warning rules.
    Case roles (e.g. owner and initiator) can now only be seen if a user has the access right "See Case Roles". By default, all users who could edit owners or reviewers have been given this right. Please check your roles configuration and adapt this, if necessary.
    The option "create custom task" was removed from case transitions. Since Issues can be assigned to people, this takes over the role of a task. So simply convert the custom task to an issue.
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