Once you’re done creating or modifying a process, you can have it go through a test run. This helps to catch any errors in the configuration, before you take the process live.
A test run will show you whether the outcome of the process is as you designed it to be.
You can find the Tests screen under 'Support' in the configuration menu.
To create a new test, provide information for the following fields:
Give the test an easily identifiable name, for example the process it works on.
The drop-down menu shows all available processes on the system. Choose the one you create this test for.
Using YAML, describe a situation for a case in the process. For example, having a person in the case with Switzerland as domicile.
Using YAML, describe what outcome you expect in the process, based on the situation you provided. For example, that a document required for residents of Switzerland is added to the process.
The actual result of the process you are testing, using the situation you provided and evaluating the assertion you made for the output.
A step-by-step guide on how to write and run a test can be found here.