atfinity's default language is English. It is easy to add as many languages to the application as you wish. This can be done in the Languages section of the Settings.
After adding a language to atfinity, the Translations screen is where you provide the actual translation of terms from the default English to the added language.

Providing translations

All available languages appear at the top of the screen, including the number of still missing translations. Click the language you want to work on.
Select the added language you want to provide translations for.
In the column on the right, terms that have been translated are marked green. Terms that miss a translation, are marked red. Outdated translations are marked grey.
The Translations screen.
By clicking on the header of the Status column, you sort the translations based on their status.
Click on a line to add, edit, or delete a translation. A screen like this will pop up for the actual translation:
Provide a translation in the added language, here for 'Currency'.
After clicking 'Confirm', the status changes from red 'missing' to green 'translated'.
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