Tabs appear as a horizontal navigation bar near the top of the Case Manager. A tab helps you group similar categories and ontologies. With that, it creates an easy to navigate structure to all the information of a case.
Tabs can group information under names like 'Services', 'Parties', 'Investor Profile', and 'Proofs'.


Provide a key that can be used on the system to refer to the tab.
The name that will be displayed to a user of the Case Manager in English.
Show Role Matrix
Yes: adds an overview at the top of the tab, listing all instances involved in the case with their roles.
Show All Ontologies
Yes: all ontologies will be shown in the tab.
No: select which ontologies should be shown.
Access restrictions
Decide who has access to the tab and what that person is allowed to do: Read only, or Write information as well.
Add Information Category
Assign the information categories that should be shown in the tab.
Add Ontology to Show
Indicate which ontologies should be included on the tab, if you chose No under 'Show All Ontologies'.
The order in which tabs appear in a case, is determined by the order they have in the configuration. Find details on how to change this order here.
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