Action: Create Warning
A action Create Warning in a Rule alerts a user to something. Different from an issue, however, a user can ignore a warning. The process will still run.
Adding this action to a rule displays the following fields:
The title of the warning, as the user will see it.
Describe why the warning appears, plus, what options a user has to act on it.
Title and Description should be in English. A translation for other languages can be provided under Translations.
Example of a condition for an action that creates a warning:
p is Person
p.nationalities = uk
p.domicile = eu
With the following in the Action field:
Title: UK citizens need new residence permit
Description: Due to Brexit, a UK citizen has to apply for a new EU residence permit before 31-Dec-2021.
When a person in a case is living in the European Union and has the UK nationality, this warning will appear on the screen.
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