Action: Assign Values
An action Create Values in a Rule assigns values to one or more information fields, if values have not been already provided.
Adding this action to a rule displays the following field:
Using RuLa, provide the key of the information field and what value you want to assign to it, when this action is triggered. The assigned value can be static, or any other expression, like a calculation, or another information field.
This action will assign a value. However, a value provided by a user of the Case Manager always takes precedent.
If you want to prevent a user being able to change assigned values, go to the configuration of the information field to which a value is assigned (monthly_upper_limit_credit_card in the example above), and change the 'Read Only' option to 'yes'.

Example: Single Value

ah.monthly_upper_limit_credit_card := ah.salary + 15000
Here, the maximum monthly spend on the account holder's credit card is assigned a value at 15 thousand above the monthly salary of the account holder. But this is done only, if the account holder has a salary from employment, and is known to have total assets in value of more than 1.5 million.

Example: Multiple values

ah.nationalities := [ch]
ah.domicile := ch
ah.salary_range := 80_to_120_k_per_year
Here, multiple default values are assigned to a person to make filling out a case faster.