Action: [API] Send IDnow Signing Link
The action [API] Send IDnow Signing Link in a rule creates an IDnow Signing link and sends it via email to an email address specified in the case. IDnow is used to verify a person's identity and to put verified digital signatures on documents.
When adding this action, you will see the following fields:
This field provides a quick reference for the values that can be added as input assignments for the action, plus what to expect as output assignment.
Input Assignments
Provide at minimum the required values from the 'About' field, add more if needed. The values should be attributes of the instance that is featured in the condition of the rule.
Output Assignments
The response from the IDnow API. It will tell you whether your input was sent over correctly and, if it was, the response will contain information on the id document.
A condition for this action can be:
p is Person
With p defined in the condition, it can now be used in the Input Assignments for this Send IDnow Signing Link action: :=
API_REQUEST.first_name := p.first_name
API_REQUEST.last_name := p.last_name
API_REQUEST.email_template := idnow_template
API_REQUEST.language := de
API_REQUEST.attach_booklet := false
And for the Output Assignments:
p.has_idnow_errors := API_RESULT.has_errors
p.id_issued_on_date := API_RESULT.id_issued_on_date
p.id_date_of_expiry := API_RESULT.id_date_of_expiry
p.id_number := API_RESULT.id_number
p.id_type := API_RESULT.id_type
p.id_country := API_RESULT.id_country
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