Information Types


Information comes in a number of different types - formats in which a value can be entered into a field.

By selecting the information type for a field, you prevent a number being an acceptable answer in the field 'First Name', or you make sure that only a valid date can be entered in the field 'Date of Birth'.


Below is a brief description for each information type. For examples and additional configuration options, click on the type, or choose it from the submenu on the left.




Yes or No only.

Text (single line)

Text on a single line.

Text (multiple lines)

Text over multiple lines.

Number (integer)

A number without decimal.

Number (decimal)

A number with decimal.

Number (with unit)

A number with measurement unit.

List (single answer)

Choose one option from a list of answers.

List (multiple answers)

Choose multiple answers from a list.


Provide a valid date.