Document Field


The function of a document field is to put concrete information on a document.
Information can be used in several document fields on several documents. The information encapsulated in it, however, is the single, same piece of information, no matter where or how often the document field is used.


Document fields come with the following configuration options:
Ontology in Document
Specify the ontology from which this field gets its information.
The piece of information linked to this field.
Example: if you are adding the field First Name to the document, link the field to the information first_name.
Field Type
Select how the field will be printed on the document. The choices are:
  • Text: the value is printed as plain text. This option is available for all information types.
  • Date: the value is printed in the chosen date format. This option is available for information type 'date'.
  • Checkboxes: a checkbox will be printed next to the selected value. This format can be used with information types 'List (single answer)', 'List (multiple answers), and 'boolean (yes/no)'.
  • Character boxes: each character of a text field is printed in its own box. This option works with information type 'text', especially with a low limit for the maximum allowed number of characters.
  • Checkbox: only available for boolean values, it's ticked when the value is 'yes' and left empty when it's 'no'.
When working with an uploaded PDF document, these are the additional options for document fields:
Add Signature
Add a signature box, and indicate which ontology should sign the document.
Select all fields.
Undo / Redo
Select the arrow to undo or repeat your last action.
Field size/position
Select an arrow to either make all fields of equal width and height, or align to the left or top of the document.
Select whether a field should display the information in all caps, or not.
A+ / A-
Increase or decrease the font size of a field.
Option only available for fields with information type 'date'. Allows you to change the date format.
Split / Merge
Concatenate fields.


Document fields interact with these other concepts:
  • Document section: group fields around a singular theme in a section, to make the information on a document easier to navigate.
  • Document: all fields feature on a document, as the place where information is entered.
  • Information: set the information that this field is for.