How to create an Ontology
Follow these steps to create an Ontology:

1. The Basics

In the Configuration menu, select 'Ontologies & Roles'. Then, click 'Add Ontology' to start.
In the screen that pops up, enter the basic characteristics of the new ontology:
The key used in RuLa, atfinity's Rule Language, to refer to this ontology.
The key must be written in PascalCase: capitalize each word. If there is more than one word, start each with at capital letter. Omit spaces. Examples: ShipAtSea, HouseOfParliament, Person
The name of the ontology in English.
Click 'Create'.

2. Set Parameters

In the 'Ontologies & Roles' overview screen, click on an individual ontology to set the following additional parameters.
Choose an icon to depict the ontology.
Display Name
Click '+ Add Name Component' to select the information from which the application will use to create the name of an instance of this ontology.
Example: like in the screenshot above, when defining the ontology Person, add the fields 'first_name', 'middle_name', 'last_name' here. In the Case Manager, each instance of the ontology will get the full name of the person involved.
Or, for the ontology Entity, add the field 'legal_name', so an instance gets the same name as the legal name of the company involved.
Show in Overviews
Yes: the ontology will be visible as an icon in the navigation bar on the left side of a user's screen. Clicking the icon gives the user an overview of all the instances of that ontology, currently present in the application.
No: the ontology remains hidden in the navigation bar.
Managed instances
Yes: instances of this ontology are automatically managed by the system. A user will not be able to create an instance of the ontology, or delete one.
No: the user can add and delete instances of the ontology.
Set which roles the ontology can have in a contract, for example 'Accountholder' or 'Power of Attorney'.

3. Information and References

The right half of the screen shows you an overview of the information that will be collected on each instance of the ontology.
To add information, click 'Create Information' and follow the steps described here.
Under 'References', you can find the locations in the application that refer to this ontology. The number is the total of those locations.
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