Reorder Tabs
To change the order in which tabs appear in the Case Manager, go to tabs configuration screen.
The order of tabs is implemented globally, meaning it's the same for all processes.

Example: Swapping 'Services' and 'Parties'

Here's a Case Manager screen with eight tabs placed at the top. Currently, the tab 'Services' comes before 'Parties'. We want that changed and make 'Parties' the first tab.
To do this, go to the tabs screen in Configuration.
The two tabs we want to reorder are at the top of the list, just like they are the first two in the Case Manager.
Take these steps to move 'parties' to the top:
  • Click on 'Reorder'
  • Grab 'parties'
  • Drag 'n drop it above 'services'
  • Click 'Finish Reordering'
As with any changes you make to the atfinity configuration, you need to put them live before they take effect. Once that's done, you'll notice the tab Parties is now ahead of Services in the Case Manager screen:
Last modified 7mo ago