Reorder Ontologies/Roles
To change the order in which ontologies and roles appear in the Case Manager, go to the configuration screen for either of these elements. The order in which they appear there, is the order they have in the Case Manager.
The order you set here, also determines the display order of the ontology buttons in the Case Manager, like 'add Person' or 'add Entity'. The order set here is implemented system-wide.

Example: Change order of Person, Entity, and their roles

Here's a Case Manager screen for case that involves three instances of ontologies: Person, Entity, and EAM. There are also three roles given as option to assign to an instance: Account Holder, Beneficial Owner, and Power of Attorney.
The instances and roles appear in this order, because that's how they are arranged in their respective configuration screens:
If, for any reason, you decide you want instances of the ontology Entity to come before those of the ontology Person in the Case Manager, follow these steps in the configuration overview of Ontologies:
  • Click on 'Reorder'
  • Grab 'Person'
  • Drag 'n drop it below 'Entity'
  • Click 'Finish Reordering'
As with any changes you make to the atfinity configuration, you need to put them live before they take effect. Once that's done, you'll notice 'Entity' is now ahead of 'Person' in the Case Manager screen:
You'll notice that the position of roles 'Beneficial Owner' and 'Account Holder' have also changed places. That was done following the same steps, this time in the configuration overview screen of Roles.
Last modified 7mo ago