Reorder Information Categories
Information categories appear in the order shown on their overview screen, which is accessible via the configuration menu. This is also where you can change that order.
The order of information categories is implemented globally, meaning it's the same on all tabs the categories appear on, for all processes.

Example: Placing 'Business Activity' category at the top

Here's a Case Manager screen with fields regarding regulatory information. Currently, the category 'Business Activity' sits in the middle.
We want it to be the top category, though. To accomplish this, go to the overview screen of all information categories in the Configuration:
The category 'Business Activity' is shown here between categories 'kyc' and 'Politically Exposed Person' in the configuration, it shows up below those categories in the Case Manager.
Take these steps to move 'Business Activity' to the top:
  • Click on 'Reorder'
  • Grab 'Business Activity'
  • Drag 'n drop it anywhere above 'Politically Exposed Person'
  • Click 'Finish Reordering'
As with any changes you make to the atfinity configuration, you need to put them live before they take effect. Once that's done, you'll notice the category Business Activity is now at the top of the Case Manager screen:
Last modified 7mo ago