Action: Create Comment
An action Create Comment in a Rule adds a comment to a case. Comments can give a user context, or an explanation about something. They appear on a separate screen in the case, and even allow for a complete conversation between users about a case - which will stay with the case.
Comments can also be assigned to a user, making them tasks.
Adding this action to a rule displays the following fields:
The title of the comment, as the user will see it.
The message the user will see in the Case Manager, together with options to Resolve, Reply, or Assign the comment to a specific user.
Title and Description should be in English. A translation for other languages can be provided under Translations.
If your organization requires new US clients to be subjected to a World Check search, and you want to use a comment on the screen to alert the Case Manager user about informing the client about this, you could use this condition:
p is Person
p.nationality = us
The condition could then trigger this 'Create Comment' action:
Title: Inform client on World Check
Description: Be sure to inform client we will perform a World Check database search before any next steps are taken.
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