Action: [API] World-Check
The action [API] World-Check in a rule will perform a World-Check in a case. For this, it will communication with the World-Check API, to inform you on certain aspects in a client’s background that could determine risk level or other factors in the relationship.
When adding this action, you will see the following fields:
This field provides a quick reference for the values that can be added as input assignments for the World-Check action, plus what to expect as output assignment.
Input Assignments
Provide at minimum the required values from the 'About' field, add more if needed. These values will be sent to the World-Check API, and should always be about the instance that is referenced in the rule's condition.
Output Assignments
The response from the World-Check API. It will tell you if and how many hits were found on the instance, plus when the check was performed.
Example of a condition, that could be used to trigger a World-Check action for account holders living in the United States:
ah is AccountHolder, Person
ah.domicile = us
The action itself could then be configured with Input Assignments: := CONCAT(ah.first_name, " ", ah.middle_name, " ", ah.last_name)
API_REQUEST.gender := ah.gender
API_REQUEST.date_of_birth := ah.date_of_birth
API_REQUEST.country_of_residence := ah.country_of_residence
API_REQUEST.place_of_birth := ah.place_of_birth
API_REQUEST.nationality := ah.nationality
And as Output Assignments:
ah.has_world_check_hits := API_RESULT.has_hits
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