Action: [API] Send Email
The action [API] Send Email in a rule sends out an email to an address provided in the case.
You need to provide either a subject and body for the email, or an email template plus the language it should be in. Language should also be provided when attaching a booklet.
Email templates are created in the Configuration menu of atfinity, under the Customization section.
When adding this action, you will see the following fields:
This field provides a quick reference for the values that can be added as input assignments for the Send Email action, plus what to expect as output assignment.
Input Assignments
Specify the values for the recipient's name and email address. Also tell atfinity which email template and language to use OR enter a fixed subject line and email body. Also indicate if a case booklet should be attached to the mail, and in what language.
Output Assignments
An indication you will get back, telling you whether the email has been sent successfully or not.
A condition for a Send Email action can be:
ah is AccountHolder, Person
ah.nationality = uk
Having ah defined in the condition, the Input Assignments can reference it, for example in an action that sends out an email according to a template: := ah.full_name :=
API_REQUEST.email_template := inform_world_check
API_REQUEST.language := en
And for Output Assignments:
ah.has_errors_when_sending_email = API_RESULT.has_errors
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