Number (with unit)

Definition and Options

‌This information type accepts numbers with a measurement unit added to them. The additional options are:
Decimal places
Set the maximum number of decimals that is accepted in an answer.
Minimum / Maximum
Define a range in which an acceptable value must fall.
Unit taxonomy
You should have a taxonomy available, from which a unit can be chosen. This can be a taxonomy of currencies, for example. When the answer to a field with this information type is USD 25, the 25 is typed in by the user, who then selects the USD from the taxonomy as the value unit.
Unit item taxonomy
A unit item is the 'per' part of an accepted answer. For example, 'per month'. Select a taxonomy, one holding 'year', 'quarter', 'month', 'week', and 'day', for example, from which a user can choose the unit item. When the answer is USD 25 per month, the 25 is entered, the USD is chosen from the unit taxonomy, the 'month' from the unit item taxonomy.


Information fields where Number (with unit) is a suitable type, are:‌
  • income
  • expected aum
  • fee
  • mortgage payments
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