By changing the appearance settings, you can have atfinity match the corporate identity of your organization - for example logos or colors.
Change the appearance via these four sections:

Title of the Application

Provide a title, for example the name of your organization. It will appear in the browser tabs that have atfinity open.


You can set the color for the following elements:
App background color
The app background is the wallpaper behind the menu's, buttons, and other sections on the screen.
Main color
The color of main text elements and buttons, like the title of a screen or a button to start a case.
Menu color
The background color for the vertical menu bar on the far left of the screen.
Login background color
The background color of the app's login screen.
Login button color
The color of the buttons in atfinity.
Missing field color
The background color of a required field for which a value is not yet provided.
Missing optional field color
The background color of an optional field for which a value is not yet provided.
Click on the color square of an element to change it. Choose your new color:
    By clicking on a point in the color square. Drag the color bar under the square to see the variety in main colors.
    With the Hex code, which is made up of a hashtag followed by six characters. A color's Hex code can be found on websites like Hex Color Codes. The exact Hex codes for colors used in your organization's corporate identity are likely available internally.
    With the RGB code. This code is made up of 3 integers between 0 and 255, indicating the mix of red, green, and blue in the outcome color. Find these codes on for example RGB Color Code, but the codes for colors used by your organization are likely available internally.

Digital Form Tool

Here, you configure the color scheme used in the Digital Form Tool. In this separate application, which stands apart from atfinity's Case Manager, clients of your organization fill out forms and provide information on their own devices. This is fed into their cases in atfinity, where a user of the Case Manager tool can see it.
You can configure these style elements of the Digital Form Tool:
Highlight color
The color of main text elements and buttons.
Header & Footer color
The background color of the header and footer.
Title font
The font used for the title. This could be the default font that is used in your organization's corporate identity.
Background color
The background color of the client facing application.
Support Email
The address where a client can get support from your organization in using the Digital Form Tool.
Tenant Terms & Conditions
Your organization's Terms & Conditions.
Provide information in the available languages as a JSON object in the following format:
{ "en": "Terms & Conditions Content", "de": "AGB Inhalt" }
Add a language by providing the two letter code for it in quotation marks, followed by a colon and the text. Use a comma to separate pairs.


Upload your organization's logos in three formats, for use throughout the application.
Displayed on the Login page. Upload as PNG or JPG, with dimensions 256x64.
Displayed at the top of the menubar on the left. Upload as PNG or JPG, with dimensions 128x128.
Displayed in your browser’s tab. Upload as PNG or JPG format, with dimensions 32x32.
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