Configuration Tool

Making atfinity Your Own

atfinity's Configuration Tool enables you to make the application meet the unique demands of your organization.
Access the configuration via the cogwheel icon in the navigation bar.
Specify as many processes, ontologies, roles, fields, rules, conditions, and workflows as needed. Determine how different elements behave and interact, and adjust atfinity's look to match your organization's corporate identity.
The following pages walk you through everything you need to know to build your own configuration of atfinity.
Navigate directly to a topic, by selecting it in the menu on the left, or walk through them one by one. The documentation is divided into the following sections:


Read up on the most important concepts of atfinity. Each entry holds a definition of the concept, an overview of your options with it, and shows you how the concept interacts with other elements of atfinity.


This section shows you how to make atfinity match the corporate identity of your organization, by selecting logos, colors and fonts.
This is also where you add languages and adjust other basic settings of the application.

Rule Language (RuLa)

Learn how to write rules and conditions in RuLa, atfinity's rule language.
Use declarations, expressions and operators to unleash atfinity's dynamic power, guaranteeing all the relevant information gets offered and collected when it needs to be, while anything irrelevant stays out of sight.

How To

Here, you will find tutorials on how to create the five key elements that, together, form the core of atfinity: a process, an ontology, documents, information and a workflow.
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