Case Manager
The Case Manager is where your configuration of atfinity is executed. It behaves according to the options, rules, and conditions you set while designing processes and ontologies, and add documents and information.
The Case Manager is where a user starts processes, and creates and modifies cases, by providing all the information required to reach the desired outcome - for example, the successful onboarding contract for a new client.
The Case Manager also contains the workflow for each case, making it easy to see where it is in the process.
It gives you a clear overview of where things stand on multiple levels. See what tasks are outstanding, or access lists with key information on all your active ontologies.
The Case Manager's dashboard can be outfitted with direct links to start processes. While working on individual cases, the Case Manager's intuitive interface helps users navigate the multitude of documents and data.
The Case Manager alerts users when issues arise, and warns when something needs to be fixed.
Behind the scenes, atfinity's configuration works tirelessly to feed the Case Manager the right steps at the right moment, adapting continuously as it receives new information, to guarantee an optimal process run for each case.
Last modified 1yr ago
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